We carry out all kinds of electrical installations in industries, shops, offices and homes in accordance with the current regulations of the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations, as well as their complementary instructions.

  • Maintenance: we are an accredited company for the maintenance of all types of buildings, homes, commercial and industrial premises
  • Contact and negotiations with Authorized Control Organizations (OCA).
  • Maintenance of buildings, commercial premises, offices, industrial warehouses, etc.
  • Comprehensive maintenance of facilities.
  • Maintenance automatic doors; adaptations CE marking
  • Performing regular maintenance on electrical installations saves lives, improves equipment performance, reduces energy consumption, and ultimately improves your economy.


We work with the professional brands in the market, with all the systems and with the best suppliers, our offer consists of personalized advice for each project from the beginning to the end.

Summer is coming and you want to ventilate your house or installation giving a more welcoming environment, we have several proposals for you.


We design and install all types of lighting for both interior and exterior. We use luminaires and lamps with the latest LED technology and independent solar lighting systems.

WE ARE PROFESSIONAL INSTALLERS AND WE ONLY USE THE PROFESSIONAL RANGE IN OUR FACILITIES, natural lighting, integrated ceilings, control systems, connectivity and solar

We work with recognized prestige brands:


Individualized for companies or collective opening systems such as video intercoms or electronic intercoms with IP system.


The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic produced a change in both the way of living and working, generating a sudden increase in teleworking.

Likewise, we were forced to adapt our workplaces and homes.

We are certified specialists in Lan and Wi-Fi networks as well as advanced security systems.

Fast and secure networks complying with all security protocols and GRPD law Ask us for a budget! And don’t play it…


If you have an electric vehicle and need to install a charging point, contact us. We will advise you to offer you the solution you need.

Implementation and installation of charging systems for electric vehicles, their management for individuals and companies.

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